Company Profile

SOCResources, Inc. (SOC) was incorporated and registered with the SEC on September 25, 1992 primarily to undertake oil and gas exploration, development and production and became one of the leading exploration companies upon its listing in 1994. Starting in 1995, SOCResources opted to strengthen its core business by diversifying then into other investments.

The diversification process, brought on by the financial crisis of the 90’s, was honed through the years and allowed SOCResources to invest in technology based and as well as other long-term ventures. This gave the company new legs to stand on needed to weather the lows of the period. One of the first and significant investments was the acquisition and sale of Bell Telecommunications Philippines, Inc., the acquisition and sale of Filipinas Plaza along EDSA corner Chino Roces Avenue and the minority ownership of Premiere Development Bank.

Following the successful sale of the Filipinas Plaza and in response to the growing need for affordable housing for Filipinos, SOCResources has followed on through the real estate business by acquiring a 2.4 hectare plot in Buli, Muntinlupa strategically located along the South Luzon Expressway. The country’s housing backlog paved the way for SOCResources to serve a basic need of Filipinos through SOC Land Development Corporation (SOC Land), its wholly owned subsidiary, that is to put up quality homes at affordable prices.

SOC Land Development Corporation (SOC Land) has an authorized capital stock of One Hundred Sixty Million Pesos (PHP 160,000,000.00), a subscribed capital stock of Forty Million Pesos (PHP 40,000,000.00) and a paid-up capital of Ten Million Pesos (PHP 10,000,000.00). The subsidiary is the property development arm of the company that will develop a 2.4-hectare community, called Anuva Residences which is situated near Sucat Interchange. It will have four (4) tandem buildings. The total estimated cost of the Project is ₱4.0 billion.

The first tandem building of ANUVA RESIDENCES, the “ANALA”, projects a Fun Zone image showcasing the Wet and Dry Play Area for children. The building was completed and delivered last May 16, 2015 during the turnover ceremony held on the same day. Amenities facing Anala including the wading pool, children’s playground, al fresco area, cascading water, pond and Trellis Park have been finished as of end 2016 for the residents’ use and enjoyment as well as the parking slots in the lower ground floor for the residents to use. The second tandem building known as AZALEA is currently in a preselling stage focusing on the Green Urban Living image with amenities like the reflecting pool, adult and kiddie pool, cascades, picnic groves, clubhouse, garden party and BBQ area. SOC Land’s latest project is a horizontal residential development, ALTHEA RESIDENCES. It is situated in Brgy. Zapote, Biñan City, Laguna and featuring modern homes with tranquil vibe spread in 4.3 hectares of land. While a number of house and lot units have been completed, additional construction of other house and lot units is ongoing. Phase 2 of ALTHEA RESIDENCES is in the planning stage and is expected to be formally launched in 2019.

SOC has identified other areas for potential investment. To address a growing population, now estimated at 100 million Filipinos and increasing every year, the company looks at food production. The Company believes that a rising population coupled with rising incomes will drive greater food consumption. Opportunities have been identified to get in this value chain to grow a long-term business that will allow expansion laterally and vertically.

The Company entered into an agreement with the Palawan IP group Campong It Mapangarapan It Palawano (CAMPAL) of Rizal, Palawan to undertake agro-industrial development of their ancestral land. The National Commission for Indigenous Peoples (NCIP) handed over to the Company the Certificate of Pre-condition with FPIC (Free Prior Informed Consent) for the agreement last June 2016. The Company has completed project documentation with the LGUs (Local Government Units). SOC and CAMPAL conferred with the LGUs and the Palawan Council for Sustainable Development (PCSD) to secure the Strategic Environmental Plan (SEP) Clearance needed for the agro-industrial development. On March 8, 2018 the PCSD issued the SEP Clearance Certificate for the development of 3212 hectares of the IP area. The company is on the later stages of securing documentation for an ECC for the project after recently being given a Protected Area Management Board Endorsement.

The country needs both conventional and renewable energy resources to address its power requirements. SOC is investigating conventional and renewable energy resources, that can provide for base load power that is sustainable for the long term and therefore provide for a steady income stream for the company.